Solanaceae - Prologue, Chapter 4 (PRE-ORDER)

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Solanaceae - Prologue, Chapter 4 (PRE-ORDER)

Synopsis: Sal takes a chance and reveals his history to Battam. This causes Battam to re-think some of what he told Sal, and try to be more critical of himself. After, they discuss more about their boundaries and upcoming play. This book is 18+ only!

6.625x 10.25 inches, square bound FULL COLOR collection of Solanaceae's Prologue Chapter 4, 4.5, and extra pages, with glossy cover.

The contents of this book are for adults only; and by purchasing this book you are agreeing to being 18 years of age or older.

As such, please expect up to 4 months of delay time between ordering the book and receiving it. All printers are very backed up at the moment, so I appreciate your patience!