Shipping Information


  Payment is accepted through Stripe. This provider will process debit and credit cards from anywhere!

   Why no Paypal?
For some reason, BigCartel and Paypal don't play nice together. I had customers complain often of having their transaction declined through Paypal, that I decided to disconnect the service from this shop. If you can only use Paypal to pay for an item, please contact me and we will set up payment outside of this storefront. 


   All shipping is based on fixed costs that are associated with the item's weight class and current USPS prices. All orders come with tracking information upon shipping.


  Most in stock orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 weeks.


  Pre-order items will have shipping information included in the description, so please refer to that for an estimated time of delivery.


  This depends on your country and postal service! For orders within the US, usually 1-2 weeks is the normal wait time. Orders to Canada, 2-3 weeks, and orders anywhere else can take up to a month.

  For more information please contact me directly.


Any US order lost in the mail will be replaced for free; however orders outside of the USwill need to re-pay for shipping.

  If you are unhappy with the quality of your item, please contact me and we will work on a refund together.