My Master is a Naga - The Complete Remastered Collection

$30.00 USD - $33.00 USD
My Master is a Naga - The Complete Remastered Collection

Synopsis: When Klaus walks in on his master, Naveen, pleasuring himself, the year long unrequited love between the two finally manifests in a very physical way.
Join Klaus and Naveen as they finally consummate their relationship, discover they love lingerie, and generally be sappy, talkative messes at each other.

6.625x 10.25 inches, square bound, FULL COLOR collection of all 4 chapters, with glossy cover.
**This book is exactly like the original but only with *BETTER SIZED TEXT*! If you already own a copy of this book, it may not be worth it to get this edition, as it's almost exactly the same except for that detail.

The contents of this book are for adults only; and by purchasing this book you are agreeing to being 18 years of age or older.

What's wrong with the "silk" covers?
The "silk" covers were an experimental cover I was trying for the book that has a nice, silky finish to them. But, then I got the proof for the book, I realized that the silk texture and heavy colors combined made the back and front of the book bow and bend VERY easily after reading, which was not something I wanted to sell to people. I asked the printer to exclude this from the full order, and I got proofs that had the correct color-- but wouldn't you know it? When they sent me my final order of 25 books, *ALL* of them had the silk cover, which is not something I can sell at full price to people. I am selling them here for less than the amount I bought them at, just to try and recover something and not let them go to waste. DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION UNLESS YOU'RE OKAY WITH THE COVER AND BACK SERIOUSLY BENDING AFTER YOU READ THROUGH!