Mini-Dom, Complete Book

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It's here! The complete story and full book of Mini-Dom!

Synopsis: Despite their size difference, Duri the fairy and Jabin the orc have an ongoing BDSM relationship. Things have been steady for years until suddenly, Duri kisses Jabin on the lips for the first time! This simple act sets the two down a path to try and figure out if they're just dom and sub, or if they have feelings for each other too...

A 6.625x 10.25 inches, 76 page, perfect bound, FULL COLOR collection of sexy comics! The contents of this book are for adults only; and by purchasing this book you are agreeing to being 18 years of age or older. Book includes all the previous covers, back covers, and comics from chapters prior, plus new mini-comics and short original fiction!

PDF version is here: