A to Z - Volume 2

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Synopsis: Join Alkaline and Zeggy for another round of 3 sexy stories! Stroke of Luck, BEACH-Y and Something New are all included!

Stroke of Luck: Alkaline walks in on Zeggy during a very private moment. Luckily, they're both into it.
BEACH-Y: Alkaline and Zeggy visit a tropical beach on an alien planet and have fun with tentacles in a cute little bungalow.
Something New: Zeggy surprises Alkaline with a very realistic looking sex toy, which shocks and excites Alkaline to his core. Alkaline is too embarrassed to use it on himself, so Zeggy helps him out...

You don't need to have read volume 1 to enjoy this volume!

6.625x 10.25 inches, square bound FULL COLOR collection 3 non-sequential comics, with glossy cover.

The contents of this book are for adults only; and by purchasing this book you are agreeing to being 18 years of age or older.